Site guide

The site guide is designed to help the user to find information (‘Search’ and ‘Site map’), to better understand the logical organization of the website (‘Site map’) and the various design and technological features that are behind the realization (‘Guidelines’).

The contents are organized as follows:

  • COMPANY: in this section there is a ‘Brief history’, the description of company’s mission, a ‘Job Form’ to search for staff and some information about how to ‘Contact Us’.
  • PRODUCTS: in this section are described the main standard products we develop, including ‘Ticka’, automated ticketing system, ‘Attendance Management’, ‘Maintenance’ and the ‘E-commerce’ package.

  • SERVICES: this section is about our customer support activities, regarding ‘Technical support and Consulting’, ‘Software development’, development of ‘Internet solutions’ and ‘Intranet solutions’, design, installation and configuration of ‘Network services’.

  • PROJECTS: in this section we reported the ‘Websites made by PlaNet’, the ‘Case Studies’ of the most significant experiences and a list of ‘Sites Hosted’ on our servers in order to evaluate services offered.

  • NEWS and EVENTS: this section contains ‘News’ and ‘Events’ relating to the ICT world and a ‘Press Review’ of articles about our company or activities that directly involve us.

  • RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT: this section discusses technologies in which we are most engaged with research programs and internship activities available at our company.

  • TOOLS: this page is dedicated to software now indispensable in the daily management of your own PC.


The Site map shows a deliberately controlled and homogeneous depth of the information tree. It is dynamically generated and is therefore constantly updated.



The main support tools for users are visually summarized on the page relative to Site navigation.