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Planetweb immagine di testata pagina

Planetweb immagine di testata pagina


Design and development of software, Website creation and Internet solutions, software tools and solutions for online communication and web marketing, SEO and SEM consulting, tested Open Source solutions, support for various Business Information Systems, ongoing investments in research, development and technological innovation, these are just some  of the main areas of activity of our company.

PlaNet operates in the field of software design and development in a variety of contexts, including:

• standard and personalized web-based management applications (both client/server and standalone architecture), using proprietary and open source frameworks.

• all the main database management systems (DBMS) (i.e. MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLserver, Oracle), with the most popular programming languages (i.e. C, C++, C#, .NET, PHP, JAVSCRIPT, JAVA) and with the following Web Servers / Application Severs: Apache, Apache Tomcat, IIS, and minor httpd embedded servers.

• Internet and Intranet service management systems.

• Tools for the publication and sharing of databases and management resources.

• Made-to-measure solutions for e-commerce, CMS, CRM and the planning and implementation of web-marketing strategies.

• Web-based applications, mobile-friendly responsive websites, Apps and Web Apps.

• Web projects for institutional bodies and topic-based portals, identifying and implementing criteria of accessibility, usability and responsive web design.

• Development of data-transmission applications and integration with control and remote-control systems, access-control solutions, etc.

• Advanced Wi-Fi, Hotspot and Cybercafe Software solutions for the creation of Free or Pay-Per-Use services.

• Advanced booking and ticketing solutions for the Italian market leaders.

Over the years, PlaNet has regularly invested significant resources in the field of technological innovation and research, in order to provide clients with products that incorporate state-of-the-art technology. A good example of this is the choice of Linux and, in general, the LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) platform, as the server infrastructure for web applications, with the creation of an HTML5 user interface framework (including a PHP RAD Framework with Code Generator), based on Kendo UI, for the development of modern, high-performance, interactive web-based applications. Naturally, other important development platforms, such as Java J2EE and Microsoft .NET, are not neglected.
Today, thanks to our technical expertise, experience and strategies, we at PlaNet are able to offer our clients the utmost care for their “IT Implementation Projects”, providing them with top-quality, high-profile technological solutions.