• IPpoint (originally known as IPoint) or Internet PointBiblioNet PointVOIP Point. This product, developed for the first time in 2000, has been completely redesigned to align with current standards (after Pisanu Law) and to maximize the potential offered by new technologies, as regards both the increased bandwidth available on average, and the availability of VOIP and multimedia solutions usable with bandwidths that are now within the reach of all. From the regulatory point of view, the system is fully in line with the current laws that impose obligations in the management of a public access point.

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Internet Point management with -- IPpoint --

General features of IPpoint

IPpoint that is Internet Point, BiblioNet PointVOIP Point, management software for Internet Point and Wi-Fi networks: this product, made for the first time in 2000, now operates in many libraries and public centres, it is also the system in use on the entire fleet of MSC Cruises. 

The first version of the software (IPoint) dates back to 2000 and has been in use for many years at the Public Library of Calenzano; it used Dial-up system for internet connection. The current version, in use at the Public Library of Scandicci, the Public Library of Greve in Chianti, the Public Library of Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, the Public Library of San Casciano Val di Pesa and meeting centre of Borgo San Lorenzo and other private structures, uses broadband connections and provides an integrated hardware and software package with all the tools needed for the creation of a safe network, with control and calculation of connection times of users.

There is also a module for the management of users’ mobile devices, via an adequately protected Wi-Fi Hot Spot.

The system is optimized for the management of traffic generated by mobile devices in high density situations.


Server components

The server system is entirely based on open source modules, it consists of LAMP platform (Linux – Apache – MySQL and PHP) with centralized authentication system based on LDAP. The server also integrates a Firewall system with Proxy server to ensure that users (network client) use services in a safe and regulated way.

The configuration and management of all procedures is done through web interface, with custom features for each type of operator.


Client components

All client machines are Linux UBUNTU in LIVE mode, that is they load operating system at boot, both from CD-ROM and from the network, and each time are like newly installed, thereby ensuring robustness and reliability.

Distribution implemented at this time are Ubuntu and Knoppix Live.

On each client is available a software system consisted of Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, OpenOffice, Skype, Adobe Acrobat and many other modules pre-installed on request.

You can manage shared printers compatible with the CUPS system.

Can also be used client of users equipped with Wi-Fi.


Functional features

Through the web based application available on the server, the system allows you to configure and manage the following functions:


Management of Internet Point workstations

You can configure the list of internet workstations that you want to manage through the Internet Point. This list determines the operation of the control system, since only the workstations in the list are subject to automatic control by the system.

For each internet workstation are handled the following data:

  • 1) IP  2) MAC address  3) Network card  4) Host Name.

Are also available the following functions:

  • A - Restart: reboots the internet workstation.
  • B - Off:  turns off the internet workstation.


Management of Hot Spot (wi-fi) and Internet Point users

It is provided the automatic registration of users who access the wi-fi network and the possible purchase of the loan. You can also add, delete and more broadly manage the data of Internet Point Customers. The data managed are : 

  1. Name: name of the client;
  2. Surname: surname of the client;
  3. Document type: type of identification document;
  4. Document number: number of the identification document;
  5. Username: username required to access any workstation of Internet Point;
  6. Password: password to access any workstation of Internet Point.

Disconnect function is also available, by which the client is disconnected  from the internet workstation where it is connected.


Centralized Authentication Control

Username and password are configured and issued to registered users for access and authentication through the terminals.

The support system for the centralized management is based on a centralized LDAP server, and each machine allows access to users who pass validation on this server.


Reports and access statistics of Internet Point

You can see:

  • a list of all the connection sessions occurred in the internet point;
  • the maximum number of workstations used in the different times of the day and in the different days of the month;
  • the number of users who connected to Internet in different times of the day, in different days of the month and in the various month of the year;
  • minutes of use of workstations in the various times of the day, in different days of the month and in the various month of the year.



You can know in real time:

  • users  and workstations connected (open sessions);
  • restarts of the system;
  • forced disconnections of users.


Service and Support

The entire software solution, is assisted, maintained and updated through remote connection; this applies not only to the server system, but also to the client configuration.

The particular architecture makes it possible to update a large number of workstations, simultaneously, by uploading the image of the updates operating system.

Functional features and regulatory aspects

Even from a regulatory standpoint, the system is perfectly in line with the current law that, under the provisions of the Pisanu Decree (August 16, 2005), require specific requirements in the management of terminals open to the public and used for telecommunication services.

The software also gives all the guarantees provided by privacy law, ensuring proper management of traffic data.

The system, in addition to ensuring the management of internet workstations according to current legislation, it offers many other features which are summarized below:

  1. it prevent people who have not been previously identified from accessing internet workstations;
  2. it allows you to store data necessary to identify who has access to the workstations and related services. Among recordable data we have personal data (typically reported on the identity document), the type and number of document, username and password;
  3. username and password are valid credentials to log in to any of the managed workstations;
  4. it makes available, on screen, on paper and electronically, data acquired in accordance with the law in question;
  5. it ensures the correct acquisition, storage, protection and consultation of all processed data, including date and time of connections, type of services used, terminals used by the users to access the various services;
  6. contents of communications are always excluded from the collection and the archiving.


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