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PlaNet deals with the design, production and implementation of IT systems, providing an ongoing support to companies throughout the whole natural life cycle of the business information system.

ICT Consulting Services

The company not only deals with the planning and production stages of the software products, but also takes care of training, technical help, trouble-shooting and the maintenance and up-dating of the products.
Furthermore, the company undertakes the design and implementation of in-company IT management systems, offering constant, hands-on support, following a new system from its creation and throughout its life-cycle, developing the roadmaps and design solutions for the integration of new technologies and optimization of the IT environment.

The following are further examples of work and services performed in this sector:

  • system design (hardware, software and web infrastructure);
  • design, implementation, configuration and management of physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures;
  • installation, customization and technical support in the use of open-source products (i.e. Joomla, Wordpress and other CMS, Sugar RM, Postfix, Hylafax, Asterisk, Mysql, PostgreSQL, Nagios, Open Vpn);
  • investment optimization based on the client’s rate of growth;
  • system maintenance and up-dating to guarantee services and solutions suited to in-company management needs.

The services we provide to our customers are described in detail in this section and include the following tasks.

  • Design, production, provision and support for the main Network services.

The creation of a solid hardware and software infrastructure for the corporate network is now the prerequisite for the technological development of companies; consulting service in this case should be multi-disciplinary and comprehensive, to cover issues ranging from passive to active cabling components to get to systems support to servers and intranet applications.

  • Design, implementation and integration of Intranet and Extranet solutions.

Mail server in the office, Webmail, Teleworking, CRM applications, centralized services make it increasingly thin the line between Internet, Intranet and Extranet and more difficult the process of integration between the various applications.

Fortunately, more and more open source solutions enable the development of advanced services at very low costs.

  • Design and implementation of Internet solutions.

On-line presence and visibility, web marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consulting, B2B and B2C e-commerce, distance learning, e-catalogues, e-content, studies and projects for accessibility and usability, are just a few of the issues that have to be appropriately considered in creating a commercial or institutional web project. In these pages we talk about the tools available and some of the most significant achievements.

  • Development of customized software solutions.

New technologies and Internet in particular have offered new opportunities to businesses, a custom software is often the starting point for a new project and ensures the company a big technological advantage over the competition.

  • Support and consulting for Business Information Systems.

Business information systems have become a vital part of any company, even if small; an organized structure able to consistently provide technical support improves the quality of work and protects from problems that could have very negative effects.

Our offer for assistance includes various formulas with interventions guaranteed same-day, on-site or remote assistance.