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Research and Development

We try today to design and build services you will see tomorrow on the Internet, so we constantly invest in research and development projects. We were and are partner in important research and development projects (Asso, Assist) that will be shown later on.

We strongly believe in the relationship between companies and University, research institute and training centres so we are willing to accept interns and students preparing for degree in our facility.

To learn about internships and theses in progress (or available) see the page Internship. Among the issues deepened in the last few years we mention here some of the most interesting.

  • Accessibility and Usability – “mobile” and “responsive” projects.

The World Wide Web is definitely the technology that has spread most rapidly in the last few years, our company is constantly engaged in the study of issues, technologies and relevant regulations that aim to make web content usable and accessible to as many users as possible.

Usability and Accessibility are essential quality parameters in building a website and, more generally in software development; for all web based applications we use tools that guarantee these results, since the accessibility of the solutions should not stop at the level of use of content, but must also involve tools developed for its production.

The great growth of mobile devices and the use of mobile internet has unified the usability and accessibility issues with a broader concept, briefly called “responsive”, that broadens these studies by examining the variability of devices used by user.


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing) and Web Marketing solutions.

Methodologies aimed at Search Engine Optimization, are characterized by an incredible rate of evolution equal at least to the extraordinary ability of GOOGLE to produce increasingly sophisticated and clever algorithms. The study of these algorithms (when known), and in some cases of the ideas that underlie them, is a work of constant research and study.

For solutions we mean: in the matter of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) the development of support tools for the creation, maintenance and management of websites and their content, tools and methods in line with the state of art of criteria of ranking and positioning of pages in the major search engines. As regard SEM (Search Engine Marketing) the management of problems connected to the exploitation, in terms of results, of a good ranking (conversions), also through the use and implementation of specific tools. In the matter of SMM (Social Media Marketing) the management of various social channels, “engagement” mechanisms, communication and conversion strategies. In the matter of Web Marketing, the provision (and related technical support) of tools for contacts management, mailing, monitoring and tracking of results, calculation and analysis of the ROI (Return On Investment).


  • Systems for automation of collections

Thanks to many years of partnership with a major player in the field of real estate, PlaNet has explored all the methods and technologies required to automatically perform EPP (Electronic Payment Procedures) in the presence of large numbers.

The systems developed allow both to the customer and the supplier: assets management, the management of accounts receivable and accounts payable, the online access to all contractual and accounting data, the execution, in electronic (certified) way of all transactions between customer, supplier and banks, the online access to a reporting service of problems, inefficiencies, etc.


  • Automated ticketing (Italian Ministerial Decree of 13 July 2000 and later)

Automated ticketing, generally known as SIAE ticketing, has been introduced in 2000 within the entertainment industry, and has been mandatory since 2003 for most operators.

In this context PlaNet, which had already developed an automated ticketing system in compliance with the previous law, designed and approved the automated ticketing system Ticka that allows the issuance of tickets in accordance with current regulations.

The product has today many variations and extensions that make it usable also outside the entertainment industry, and in particular for Museums, for recording and control of accesses at conferences, etc.

For more information see:


  • VOIP (Voice Over IP) and AIP (All over IP) solutions

With the development of Voice and Multimedia solutions over IP network, traditional telephony became an essential component of networking systems.

Our idea is to provide a centralized solution for corporate messaging, based on Linux and Open Source products such as Postfix for mail and Asterisk for VOIP and equipped with configuration and management tools that relieve the user (the client company) or the IT consultant, of the complex processes of installation and first configuration.


  • Certification of Electronic Transactions of Data

A certification system of electronic transaction of data is an integrated hardware and software system that makes non repudiable a data exchange transaction between two systems. It also offers to other systems and external applications a repository for critical information related to data transactions they carried out, recording and certifying them as unchangeable and non repudiable, ensuring also the archiving security in terms of redundancy of data.

This process, simplifying, can be seen as the interposition of a component between two electronic systems which occurs in a similar way as a cash register (tax system, locked down, subject to approval) interposes between two subjects of a commercial transaction certifying it both in electronic way (electronic cash book) and on paper (receipt).

As part of research and development programs undertaken by PlaNet, in 2008 we implemented a prototype system, CerTED which is also a prototype of a conceptual framework for design and realization of certification systems of electronic transactions of data.

  •


  • Project ASSO

ASSO stands for: “An integrated e-health environment in support of care continuity, in support of a comprehensive risk management and in favour of patient empowerment”.

PlaNet is a partner in ASSO project, once again participating in a project of research and development in the healthcare sector. Project ASSO was among the first places in the ranking of R&D Call of Regional Authority of Tuscany for year 2012

ASSO project uses the expertise of companies involved in healthcare IT sector, research organizations with expertise in engineering, health science and healthcare sector management, to build, test and deliver a set of technological and innovative solutions in support of care continuity and comprehensive risk management and in favour of patient empowerment.

As part of project ASSO, PlaNet deals with problems of non repudiation and certifiability of data interchange operations taking place between the various subsystems. It also deals with accessibility and usability of tools to support patient empowerment and clinical risk management.


  • Project ASSIST

ASSIST stands for “Distributed Architecture for the Protection of Health and Innovation of Therapy Management System”, it is a project promoted and implemented by a consortium of 6 companies (TOGNOZZI BUILDING spa, CAEN RFID S.r.l., Explora srl, Project Srl, PlaNet S.r.l. Information systems, Boehringer Ingelheim Italia) working in healthcare sector and/or information technology sector. It was co-financed by Regional Authority of Tuscany within the Regional Operational Programme for Regional and Occupational Competitiveness 2007-2013 (POR - CReO 2007-2013)which is intended to innovate management processes in healthcare environment.

Project Assist is aimed at creating and implementing a computerized system for the innovation of technological solutions available for tracking the life cycle of drugs (from the entrance into the structure to the administration or the disposal) and for h24 monitoring of patient’s conditions.

As part of the project Assist, PlaNet has made available its expertise in implementing systems that certify data transactions, focusing on the goal of ensuring non repudiation of critical events.