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Research and Development

We try today to design and build services you will see tomorrow on the Internet, so we constantly invest in research and development projects. We were and are partner in important research and development projects (ASSO, ASSIST, SUNRISE, SHARE) that will be shown later on.

We strongly believe in the relationship between companies and University, research institute and training centres so we are willing to accept interns and students preparing for degree in our facility. For those interested in a thesis or internship at our company, please send a curriculum to the address:

R&D Experiences - Main projects

ASSIST PROJECT 2008 – 2011

ASSIST, which stands for “Distributed Architecture for the Protection of Health and Innovation of Therapy Management System”, is a project promoted and implemented by a consortium of six companies (TOGNOZZI BUILDING spa, CAEN RFID S.r.l., Explora srl, Project Srl, PlaNet S.r.l. Information Systems and Boehringer Ingelheim Italia) working in the healthcare sector and/or information technology sector. It was co-financed by the Tuscan Regional Authority within the framework of the Regional Operational Programme for Regional and Occupational Competitiveness 2007-2013 (POR - CReO 2007-2013), which aims to innovate management processes in the healthcare environment.

Project Assist is aimed at creating and implementing a computerized system for the innovation of technological solutions enabling the tracking of the life-cycle of drugs (from arrival in the institutional structure to administration or disposal) and for the 24-hour monitoring of patient conditions. As part of the Assist project, PlaNet has made available its expertise in the implementation of systems that certify data transactions, focusing on the goal of ensuring non-repudiation of critical events. → For more information, see

ASSO PROJECT 2012 – 2014

ASSO stands for “An integrated e-health environment in support of continuity of care and comprehensive risk management and for the promotion of patient empowerment”. PlaNet is a partner in the ASSO project, a research and development project in the healthcare sector. ASSO was among top-ranked projects in the Tuscan Regional Authority’s 2012 R&D Rankings.
The ASSO project uses the expertise of companies involved in the healthcare IT sector, including research organizations with expertise in engineering, health sciences and healthcare sector management, to build, test and deliver a set of technological and innovative solutions in support of continuity of care and comprehensive risk management and for the promotion of patient empowerment. As part of the ASSO project, PlaNet deals with problems of non-repudiation and the certifiability of data interchange operations taking place between the various subsystems. It also deals with the accessibility and usability of tools to support patient empowerment and clinical risk management. → For more information see


SUNRISE is our latest R&D project. It was awarded excellent scores in the Bando Unico 2015. Like the ASSO project, SUNRISE is among the top-ranked projects in the Tuscan Regional Authority’s 2015 R&D Rankings. The mission of the project is: analysis of the state-of-the-art technological components in the mobile Internet and Internet of Things (IoT) sectors, and the design of a modular open hardware and software environment for value-added, integrated proximity and location-based services (Seamless Mobility, Indoor and Outdoor Routing, Mobile Payment, Mobile Booking and Ticketing and Access Control Systems).
Within the scope of this project, PlaNet is able to provide innovative booking and ticketing solutions (also in the form of “machine to machine” services), thanks to the expertise gained over years of work in this field.
During the final review, the project received excellent scores from the experts engaged by the Region of Tuscany: “… we take note of the considerable economic potential of the product, the use of which could act as a significant driver of Industry 4.0 philosophy to enter new territorial, and not just vertical, application areas.” → For more information see

SHARE PROJECT 2018 – 2020 (in progress)

The SHARE project (an integrated blockchain and big data/big analytics platform supporting smart factories) is the brainchild of collaboration between a group of companies and an IT research institution specialised in sensors and predictive analysis (UniFI), cooperating systems security and transaction data certification applied to various sectors (PlaNet), the automation of management, administrative and documentary processes and procedures (Project) and business intelligence and DSS (Data Pos), with the collaboration of a major local manufacturer (B. & C. Speakers).
The goal of the SHARE project is to create fundamental base applications and services for a distributed manufacturing environment focused on digitalization and datafication concepts such as security, smart contracts, cloud manufacturing and industrial data analytics, including predictive maintenance systems and solutions for devices and systems. → For more information see

SEM 4.0 PROJECT 2021 - 2022

SEM 4.0 project carries out research and development activities in the industrial sector with a design focused on the following elements: the problems of CYBERSECURITY and APPLICATION COOPERATION in contexts related to the CIM (Computer-Integrated Manufacturing) model; the theme of datafication (transformation into data of each element of each process), starting from IoT technologies (Internet of Things) to arrive at ERP solutions, passing through BLOCKCHAIN ​​and INDUSTRIAL ANALYTICS services. SEM 4.0 is a project accepted by the Tuscany Region as part of the ranking of the POR FESR 2014 - 2020 program - Call 2: Research and development projects of SMEs.