PlaNet S.r.l. Sistemi informatici

Welcome to the website of PlaNet S.r.l Information Systems, our company has been working in the IT industry since 1997 and specializes in software design and development, Website creation and Internet solutions, tools and solutions for Web Marketing, Standard and Enterprise class Open Source solutions, with 360 degree support for Business Information Systems; add to this an ongoing commitment to Research, Development and Technological Innovation.

Since 2000, PlaNet works in the field of ticketing with the product Ticka (approved under current legislation by Revenue Agency and SIAE), the system is able to respond to the needs and main issues related to the management of ticketing for theatres, cinemas, Clubs, Museums, Exhibitions, Trade fairs, Water Parks, etc.

These, in brief, are some of the main areas of activity of our company, the section COMPANY of the site provides additional information about the technologies and services we offer.

Below is a brief overview of the content and information available on our site.

COMPANY: in this section there is a ‘Brief history’, the description of the company’s ‘Mission’, a ‘Job Form’ to search for staff and some information about how to ‘Contact Us’.

The PRODUCTS section describes the main standard products we make, including ‘Ticka’ – automated ticketing system – approved by SIAE and Revenue Agency – ‘Attendance Management’ – a system for management of staff attendances and absences -, ‘Maintenance’ – (scheduled and breakdown) Maintenance Management Software for Thermal Systems -, ‘E-commerce’ package and IPoint – the software solution for the management of Internet Points. To be published soon the specifications of our VOIP solution, an integrated server to centrally manage IP telephony (TOIP), Fax over IP (FOIP) and Mail.

The section SERVICES, is about our support activities for costumers regarding technical support and consulting, Software development, the development of Internet solutions and Intranet solutions, design, installation and configuration of network services.

To learn about a company is certainly useful to know what they did, so in the PROJECTS section we reported the Websites made by PlaNet, the Case Studies of the most significant experiences, the consulting, and a list of ‘Sites Hosted’ on our servers for evaluate the services we offer.

The section NEWS and EVENTS contains ‘News’ and ‘Events’ relating to the company (directly and indirectly) and to the ICT world in general, and a ‘Press Review’ of articles about our company or activities that directly involve us.

The section RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT discusses the technologies in which we are most involved with both research programs and internship activities available at our company.

We have also built a page dedicated to the software TOOLS now indispensable in the daily running of your PC, highlighting the freeware, shareware or commercial nature of the various products.