July 2018 - SHARE project funded

With the decree n. 11301 of 29 June 2018, published on the BURT on 18.07.2018, the TUSCAN REGION, Productive Activities Directorate, Business Support Policies Sector, approved the ranking that sees the SHARE project among the projects funded under the POR CREO 2014 program / 2020 - Action 1.1.5. sub-action a1) D.D. 7429/2017 Call 2 "Research and development projects of MSME"

The SHARE project aims to carry out research and development activities in the Industry 4.0 sector; the goal is to create basic applications and services essential for a distributed manufacturing environment, centered on the concepts of digitalization and datafication such as security, smart contracts, cloud manufacturing and industrial data analytics including predictive maintenance systems for equipment and systems.

For more information go to the SHARE project website.