I Farnese exhibition, detail Portrait of Papa Paolo III by Tiziano

March 2022 - Parma: "The Farnese. Architecture, Art, Power" unmissable exhibition at the Pilotta, the official ticketing system is ticka

The monumental complex of the Pilotta in Parma has also chosen ticka as the official ticketing system for the extraordinary Farnese exhibition.

The Farnese. Architecture, Art, Power
until 31 July 2022 | Parma | Monumental Complex of the Pilotta

A large exhibition dedicated to the commissioning of the Farnese family, with the aim of investigating the extraordinary affirmation of the family in the European political and cultural structure from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century through the use of the arts as a means of legitimation.

THE FARNESE. Architecture, Art, Power involves the most spectacular environments of the Monumental Complex and presents over 300 works from Italian and European collections, a heterogeneous and never assembled corpus that will converge in the most important exhibition created on the themes of commissioning and Farnese collecting, in perfect adherence between the works collected in Pilotta and the architecture designed to contain them.

With ticka, online reservations and sales are available for individuals, guided tours for groups and schools with official and non-official guides, and guided tours for individual visitors.


For further information visit:

Tiketing online - The Farnese. Architecture, Art, Power | Pilotta Parma | Electa SpA

Ticka Ticketing System - official site - sito ufficiale


photo: Tiziano Vecellio, Portrait of Papa Paolo III, 1543,

oil painting on canvas, cm 113,7 x 88.8

Napoli, Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte

© Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte