Opera Madonna with child, Municipal Museum of Lucignano

Giugno 2020 - Museo di Lucignano (AR): online sistema di biglietteria ticka
PlaNet è il partner tecnologico del Comune di Scandicci per il Festival 2020, per il quale ha realizzato il sito e fornito il sistema di biglietteria ticka.

June 2020 - Museo di Lucignano (AR): online ticka ticketing system
PlaNet is the technological partner of the Municipality of Scandicci for the 2020 Festival, for which it created the site and provided the ticka ticketing system.

Recently the Museum has arranged access planning aimed at guaranteeing the safety of visitors and, from June 2020, with the ticka ticketing system it has been able to activate the mandatory online booking. With ticka and the related access control system, the Municipal Museum of Lucignano therefore has the ability to manage the quota of the number of people per space as required by the regulations for the containment of Covid-19

For further information visit:

Online ticket office - Municipal Museum of Lucignano

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