image descriptive provision of homologated ticka version 4.0.4

October 2018 - Ticka ticketing system arrives at version 4.0.4
Approved the new update of tick version 4.0.4 of our Ticketing System tick@ Version 4.0 approved by Agenzia delle Entrate on 6 May 2016, was updated in quick succession to versions 4.0.1, 4.0.2 and then to the previous 4.0 .3 of September 2017.
The new versions allowed the integration of the ticketing system with the access control systems present at the main Italian stadiums and interfacing with the System for the Verification of Obstacles (VRO), mandatory for the management of all events of professional football.
Version 4.0.4 made it possible to release new IOS and Android apps for Access Control, in addition to the official ticka app.

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