representative image of ticka version 5.0 homologation measure

October 2020 - Version 5.0 of the ticka ticketing system approved

Agenzia delle Entrate on 23 October 2020 approved ticka 5.0 the new version of our Tick@ Ticketing System
in compliance with the "implementing measures relating to the sale or any other form of placement of access tickets" pursuant to Article 1, paragraphs 545-bis and following, of Law 11 December 2016, no. 232, introduced by Article 1, paragraph 1100, of the Law of 30 December 2018, no. 145, and the Decree of the Minister of Economy and Finance March 12, 2018. anti Secondary ticketing rules.

The new version was created to allow compliance with the so-called "anti secondary ticketing" legislation, and therefore sees updated:

  • online sales management of admission tickets (tickets and season tickets)
  • management of the name ticket and access control
  • data management and summaries

The Official Android app for Access Control has also been updated.

All our customers who use the ticketing system will receive the update to the latest version, as required by the service contract.

For more information visit ticka Ticketing System - official website